Friday, July 30, 2010

I HEART Vintage

I have an obsession with all things vintage. I have often thought how neat it would have been to grow up in the 40 and 50's. To be part of an era when kids stayed out all day (either working in the field or playing in the creek down the dirt road) until momma made them come in to wash up for supper. There would be fresh cut tomatoes on the table with nearly every meal and we'd listen to radio shows at night (if we were fortunate enough to have a radio). We'd go to bed and leave the front door and all the windows open at night and the only noise would be the sound of crickets. The children would never wake up from nightmares or worries of some psychopath breaking in and shooting them up because that just never happened and besides, if it did, daddy would stop them in their tracks. Well, back to the reality of 2010. Since I can't time travel, I guess I'll just have to enjoy all things vintage through hand me downs, thrift and antique stores and reproductions.

Vintage trims that I inherited from my great-grandmother. I love them all so much, even the ones covered in stains. I can just picture her spilling her morning coffee all over it.

Vintage inspired hair clip/broche that I made.
Here I used some of grandmas lace on a pair of bloomers.

The lace on these bloomers isn't really vintage, but I love the look.


  1. I grew up in a small Texas town in the 40's and 50's and you describe it very well. I feel lucky to have lived then and to live now with all the modern technology. By the way your bloomers are very pretty.