Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Great Giveaway!!!

Check out http://www.monogramchick.blogspot.com/. This giveaway is absolutely Fabulous. I gotta have it!!!

This time of year there always seems to be an over-abundance of zucchini, but what to do with all of it? If only everything I planted grew so plentiful.

Zucchini Bread
3 Eggs
2 Cups Sugar
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon
1/2 tsp. baking powder
3 Cups flour
1/2 Cup chopped nuts
1 Cup oil
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. vanilla
2 Cups peeled, grated zucchini
Mix together thoroughly. Pour into two loaf pans. Bake 40-45 minutes at 375 degrees. Mix glaze together.
1 Cup powdered Sugar 1/2 Cup orange juice
Prick loaves with fork and pour over while still hot.

How do you like your zucchini?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I'm so blessed to have a dad like mine. He's taught me so much, by example, but most important to live for God always. There will be trials and tests in life, but living a life for God will make them easier to bear. Thank you Daddy.

And to my wonderful hubby, thank you for being a wonderful husband, father and provider for us. We love and appreciate you!

Your Girls

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have a Seat

Would you just look at what momma brought home from a yard sale? This Chair only cost me $7.00. It's in great condition. Looks like it's never been used. I can't wait to give this a makeover.

And speaking of a makeover, I decided to give my bar stools a little face lift as well. Here's a picture of how they looked before. They were dark and just seemed to disappear.

And here's what they look like now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Dress

Another rainy day, another dress.

My Sweet Savannah Giveaway!!!

I am so excited about this giveaway from My Sweet Savannah http://www.mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com/

First up!
You will receive one of my little white pots with a black crown on the front.
Also, a Tyler candle company candle with a 20-25 hour burn time in "intense"
These make your whole house smell sooooo good!

And finally!
A pillow case covered in vintage Paris Postcards!

Here are the rules....
Post a link to this giveaway on your blog.
Make sure you link back here.
Leave a comment on this post.
That is it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Do I Even Have A Blog?

I have no idea.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day of Sewing

I'm off to the fabric store today to stock up on fabric while it's on sale. We've had so much rain lately that I've been able to do some sewing. Here's what I made last week.

My cute little model. I bought these cute apron patterns for only .99 cents last week

And I LOVE this one.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's the Deck?

This space is so unusable right now. I think it needs something,

like this deck http://www.decks.com/deckplans/deckplandetails.aspx?plan=2L052. Maybe that's what it's missing. I just need someone to build it. Oh yeah, and pay for it too.

Random Happenings

Miss. Prissy and I were bored stiff one day so we had a picnic under the trees while Sissy was still in school.

We pitched a blanket in the back yard and took some goofy pictures.

Miss Prissy's preschool graduation, awww.
My precious little angels.

I am so blessed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This and That

I have been so busy lately with the kids out of school for the summer, watching my nephews and doing a little gardening. I finally got the headboard done. I thought it was sweet. I have yet to hang her mirrors back up on the wall. I took a stroll outside today to check on the garden after the terrible storm that rolled through last night. Everything seems to be doing well, especially the weeds.

The daisy's are starting to bloom.

And look what my dad has been working on. It's amazing what that man can do with some scraps. What can I say, the man loves his dog. It's still not complete, but I'll take pics when it is because this dog house will have a front porch and flower boxes. I'm jealous, I want a bay window too. lol

Friday, June 12, 2009


My next project will be making a headboard for this bedroom. I'll add pics when its done.

I made this one for a friends daughter.

Simple creamy white.

This website has instructions on how you can make your own upholstered headboard.

The Writing is on the Wall

If there is anyone out there that hasn't heard of Uppercase Living. You gotta see this stuff. I love it. Vinyl decals that can be put on any hard surface. This is my most recent purchase.

There's no mistaking where the pantry is now.

They also make chalkboard decals. I have one on order that will go on the wall above this bench. I can't wait to get it. Here's the link for the chalkboards. http://bethann.uppercaseliving.net/ViewItem.m?CategoryId=174&DesignId=&ItemId=17848&Keyword=chalk&CurrentPage=1

Faith, Hope and Love

I saw this idea from My Sweet Savannah. http://mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com/2008/11/how-to.html

This would be an expensive decal. So I borrowed an overhead projector and hand painted it.



I lOVE this bathroom from Pottery Barn

A girl can dream.

Vintage Brooch

Here are some vintage brooches that belonged to my grandmother. They were given to me after she past away. They have no real value other than sentimental value to me. Although I don't wear brooches, I really wanted to be able to look at them often. I purchased some small blank canvas and covered them with craft paper and simply hot glued the brooches and embellishments on. I also glued some ric-rac around the edges. I have them on display in my hall bathroom and I think of her everytime I look at them.


Nightingale Quilt

This was the very first quilt I made. I got the idea from a book called Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray http://www.dreamfollow.com/ I have since made another, in which I failed to take a picture before giving it as a baby shower gift. I would love to do another in a different color scheme. I think blues and browns would be beautiful.


I have always wanted a tile backsplash, but never thought I had what it took to complete a project like this. One day I decided to go for it. I used glass tile that is mounted on mesh. This project was suprisingly simple. Here are my results.

One friend liked the results so much that she decided to have me do one for her kitchen as well. We used slate tile for this project. This one proved to be more difficult than the last because of the diagonal tile in the center.

At The Red House

Today I finally got some much needed vitamin D. It was beautiful outside and I took full advantage of it. I worked on raking leaves, picking up sticks, weeding the flower beds and spraying for mosquitos and ticks. Not an easy undertaking!!! I'm so sore I can hardly move, but things outsite are shaping up nicely. Hubby's renting a power seeder tomorrow and I've got to get started on prepping my garden. Busy, busy, busy.

Here is a very simple and yet budget friendly project using mirror tiles that you can get from any craft store. I got mine at Hobby Lobby while they were 50% off. The tiles ended up costing me about $50.00. Lay them out on a piece of 1/2" MDF. Make marks and cut the MDF to fit whatever size tiles you have. Paint the MDF and simply glue the tiles down with construction adhesive. There you have it!!! Something this size would cost twice as much in the store. I also hung pictures on top of the mirror to give it a layered look. Have fun with this one.


Chair Redo

Rain, Rain go away. Four straight days with no sunshine is starting to get to me. My skin is craving some warmth.
I'm trying to decide what my next project will be. I don't want to get involved in an indoor project right now because I know that warm, sunny weather is soon on its way. If it's pretty outside, that's where I like to be. Here is a picture of one of my winter projects. I found this chair at a yard sale and bought it for only $10.00. What a steal, although it was in terrible condition. I found the fabric at Hancock's on the remnant table for only $4.00/yard, also a steal!

Here are the results after a little TLC and a lot of elbow grease.