Friday, June 12, 2009

At The Red House

Today I finally got some much needed vitamin D. It was beautiful outside and I took full advantage of it. I worked on raking leaves, picking up sticks, weeding the flower beds and spraying for mosquitos and ticks. Not an easy undertaking!!! I'm so sore I can hardly move, but things outsite are shaping up nicely. Hubby's renting a power seeder tomorrow and I've got to get started on prepping my garden. Busy, busy, busy.

Here is a very simple and yet budget friendly project using mirror tiles that you can get from any craft store. I got mine at Hobby Lobby while they were 50% off. The tiles ended up costing me about $50.00. Lay them out on a piece of 1/2" MDF. Make marks and cut the MDF to fit whatever size tiles you have. Paint the MDF and simply glue the tiles down with construction adhesive. There you have it!!! Something this size would cost twice as much in the store. I also hung pictures on top of the mirror to give it a layered look. Have fun with this one.



  1. Love it! How did you hang the MDF on the wall? Sawtooth brackets or what?

  2. I mounted this mirror with large screws. I left two of the mirrors off of the mdf until it was mounted. I drilled straight thru the mdf and into the studs, make sure you countersink the screws. After it was mounted, I attached the last two mirrors with double stick tape. This is to make it somewhat easier to remove, if I ever need to.