Friday, January 7, 2011

Missing My Daddy

Just missing my daddy today. It's been almost a month now since he passed. I think of him daily and I always will. He was more than just my daddy; he was my buddy. Such wonderful memories we've made. Such a great example of true Christianity. Although small in stature, he was a rock, bold when he needed to be and unshakable in adversity. I can't wait to see him again someday and I know that it won't be much longer. Until then, I will continue on the journey he started me out on, giving God ALL the honor and praise for His blessings in my life. Thank you God for the gift of a wonderful father. I love you Daddy.


  1. Those are such great pictures. It is so unfair they can't live forever isn't it? I miss my Mama too.

    Sending sweet and loving hugs to you.
    ~Lanie J.

  2. Hi just found your blog, we live in a red house too! sorry about your dad, I miss mine every single day,jennyx

  3. Sweet thoughts about your dad. You were blessed with good man.