Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Love

I am so excited to tell ya'll about a new blog I found called The White House of Parkville. Look at this beautiful quaint home just nestled up in all its green landscaping glory. She said that this home just "spoke" to her and I can totally see why.
I can tell you already I'm gonna love this lady. Just take a peek at some the items featured on her blog. My babies would love this pink tutu, and I love the dress form.
She's into flowers
But the thing I really like about her: She takes junking to a completely different level. She owns her own junking business and has even tried to retire from it by selling virtually everything in her home and storage unit, but has found that junking is something that is just "in her blood". So she's back at it again. Ya'll should definitely pay her blog a visit and leave her a comment.



  1. Oh, wow. Beautiful dresser mirror combo!

  2. I love finding new blogs I love (like yours)! it makes my day!!!

  3. Dianne, Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I've been junking for years but I'm super new to this blogging thing, I'm learning how to manuever in here and having a BALL!!! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog, I'm very honored. I look forward to following you and the others, you all are very inspiring...Thanks Again Rhonda