Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fat Quarter Kick

While at Hancock's a few weeks ago I noticed some fat quarters on sale for 99 cents a piece. My first thought was "what am I gonna do with these?" With warmer weather coming so quickly, I really don't want to get started on a quilt. I'm kind of a "winter seamstress" so I decided to buy them and think about what to do with them later. Before I got home I had a project in mind. I've seen similar bible covers before, but it's hard to find something that hugs my bible just the way I'd like it to. This is a simple project that with a little planning could be done fairly quickly and inexpensively. I did use some batting left over from previous project and this only took two fat quarters. My total was about $4.00 to make.

Here's another fat quarter project I did using a tutorial I found here. This handbag can take either one or two fat quarters. I used two because I liked the coordinating lining or you could use a plain lining fabric, whatever your preference might be.



  1. call me crazy....but what is a 'fat quarter' ??

  2. Hey Girl, A fat quarter is a pre-cut piece of fabric that measures 18" x 22"- a quarter yard that’s twice as long, but half as wide, as a regular 9" x 44" quarter yard of fabric. Same TOTAL AREA but cut differently. Does that make sense?

  3. Sweet! $0.99!!! Love that fabric. What a great deal and awesome project!! Great job! Thanks for participating in my link party!